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Upcoming AT&T Phones 2009 Want to know what are the upcoming AT&T phones 2009? Motorola Hurricane W760 and Samsung A777 are important new AT&T phones that are coming later in 2009. The Hurricane W760 is perfect for music lovers – you will definitely love the Shake Control (just shake the phone to change the song) and Track ID (record a short snippet of music and the phone will tell you the artist and track). Plus, with FM stereo, MegaBass, stereo Bluetooth and a great camera/camcorder. It’s one of the most remarkable upcoming AT&T phones in 2009 that you should upgrade to when it comes out.

The Samsung A777 for AT&T is a step up from the A737, bringing GPS functionality to an already high-functioning cell phone. This new 2009 AT&T phone runs on the HSDPA 3G data network, which means checking emails and browsing Internet on phone is faster than ever. It worth an upgrade if you love slider-style phone. Stay tuned for more upcoming AT&T cell phones 2009.

We will update you with more ATT phone specs and prices in future posts. Mean while you can get the best deals on new ATT phones with our exclusive online special prices. Simply upgrade to the new phones as they come out later this year. Enjoy!

Update: LG Invision Red, Motorola Tundra, and Nokia E71x are coming soon.

Update: Motorola Tundra has been released. On Sale for only $149 today.

Update: AT&T Matrix Pro is available now for only $99.

Update: Samsung A777 Blue is available now for $0.00.

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