What is the Best Cell Phone Family Plan

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Free Samsung Delve for Alltel what is the best cell phone family plan out there? You already know why you should get a family cell phone plan. But is every family cell phone plan the same? Do they cost more at Verizon than AT&T? Let’s break down the by the price first.

  • T-Mobile FamilyTime Basic 700 (Includes 2 Lines) – 2YR which include 700 anytime minutes. $59.99
  • AT&T Nation FamilyTalk 550 w/ Rollover (Includes 2 Lines) gives you 550 anytime minutes. $59.99
  • Sprint Talk For Family 700 (Includes 2 Lines) comes with 700 anytime minutes. $69.99
  • Verizon Wireless Nationwide Family SharePlan 700 (Includes 2 Lines) offer you 700 peak minutes. $69.99

Price wise, the T-Mobile Family Time Basic 700 is the best cell phone family plan that offers you more minutes for less monthly fee.

And how much is it to add additional lines to the family plan account? Only $10 for each line for up to 5 lines in total. For example, if you are adding 5 phones to T-Mobile FamilyTime Basic 700, it will only cost you $89.99 for using 5 cell phone numbers. That’s an incredible saving over if you open 5 individual lines. For now, at least we answer part of your question what is the best family cell phone plan. Stay tuned for the next post in which we will go into details what features you should add to your family shared plan.

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