When is Palm Pre Release Date – Sprint Official Launch

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When is Palm Pre Release Date The official word on when the new Palm Pre for Sprint will be released is first half of 2009. My guess is that the Palm Pre release date will be in March. Come on, this thing has been in the making since the first iPhone came out. The earlier the release date, the better chance Palm can catch up with Apple and Blackberry. Expect the launch date to be no later than March, Palm may have something even more interesting for you in the Summer of 2009. Sit back and relax. Check out our other posts, we will post the info once we get the official release date from Palm and Sprint.

Your thoughts are welcome. Leave a comment below and let Sprint and Palm hear your voice.

Update: March 15th is the rumored date. May or early June is our best bet since Sprint has to move Treo and Centro out of the way and make room for this iphone killer.

Update: Palm Pre Plans are official now. Unlimited data are included.

Update: Check out the new Palm Pre Commercial. I think we are actually getting closer to the release date.

Update: Looks like May 17th is a “solid” rumored date for the Palm Pre release. Sprint retail employees are not allowed to take vacations during that month. Anyone planning to camp outside Sprint stores? At least you don’t have to take a day off from work – 5/17 is Sunday.

Update: IT’S OFFICIAL. June 6th is the official launch date. See Sprint press release here.

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