Why Do You Still Need a Landline Home Phone

September 6, 2008 by  

Whether you buying or renting a place, the very first thing you do is to get your home phone service activated even before you move into the new place. Whether you are poor or rich, you still need a basic tool to communicate to the outside world while at home. Nowadays, people start wonder why they need a telephone at home since every family member already has a mobile phone. Why pay extra $30 or $50 for something that you don’t need to use? Ever since the wireless companies offer unlimited nights and weekends calling features into the cellular plans, you might have thought that people wouldn’t use their landlines at home anymore. The truth is people cut down the home phone usage, but unless the cellular network can significantly improve the voice quality, your landlines are still important for communicating with friends and family from home. First, the obvious reason, your home phone doesn’t get affected by the weather, and doesn’t even use regular electricity. As long as the phone is plugged to a phone jack outlet, you can start making phone calls. As for a cell phone, the call quality depends on the location, outdoor and any open area usually get much better receptions than inside your house or apartment. Weather is another factor that determines the quality of calls made from your mobile phone. Thunder storms can severely interrupt the cellular signals from your local wireless cell towers. One important factor is that your home phone is connecting to your local 911 center. So in any emergency by dialing 911, you can be easily located with help. So, in conclusion, do you still need a landline for your home? Yes, you do. And there are alternatives that you can pay much less than $30 you normally play. We will discuss these alternatives in the next few posts.

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